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Fortica Park offers many hiking trails and certainly the most attractive is a tour of the Stolac hill, where there are several bunkers from World War II, as well as the remains of the cable car that delivered food and ammunition from the city. It is on this hill, on the site of the "devil's stairs", that there is a via ferrata, with two lines A (easy) and C (medium) dificulty, that takes you to the very edge of the hill, which offers a beautiful view of the old part of the city and the old bridge. In the mountain lodge you can get instructions or guide services as well as rent equipment for via ferrata.

Service description


Artificial climbing on a stone facade of a 5m high mountain hut with two directions for children up to 10 years of age. The price includes two climbing with the use of equipment and instructor assistance (insurance).

5,00 BAM


Climbing on a natural rock 5m high with two directions for beginners. The price includes short training, two climbing with the use of equipment and instructor assistance (belaying).

10,00 BAM


Sport climbing on a natural rock with a height of 30m, with 11 directions, intended exclusively for skilled climbers or those who have undergone training at a small climbing center. The price includes transportation, short training, climbing for an hour with the use of equipment and assistance of two instructors (belaying). This announcement is required for this service.

50,00 BAM


Hiking tour along the 1st and 2nd World War Fortress and the military cable car. Ascent of Via Ferrata "Devil's Staircase" to the viewpoint of the old town of Mostar and The Old Bridge. 

Via Ferata also includes crossing the suspension bridge.

Guide price negotiable.

Ferrata equipment rental:

  • Helmet and gloves 5 BAM
  • Harness 5 BAM
  • Ferrata set 10 BAM


Opening Time

During winter time ZIP LINE will work only on weekends from 10 am to 5 pm and only if the weather conditions are favorable.

For all who come out of Mostar, the announcement is desirable.